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There is no doubt that any special occasion needs music to accompany it. Music is our language. With it, we set the mood and add that unique flavor to your event.

Let us provide that unique soundtrack for your big day that will make it magical and memorable.

We view it as a privilege to partake in this once-in-a-lifetime event of two souls coming together in celebration with their loved ones and deliver to the highest standard of musicianship and professionalism on every occasion. 

Image by Anna Utochkina

We offer versatility.

One of our unique features is that our performance is modular, which means we can add other instruments to our acoustic show at your request. These include percussion/drums, violin, double bass, saxophone and more. 


We provide a full package.

To make certain that the sound quality of our performance is of the highest standard, we provide all our own equipment including a professional sound system and sound technician. That's one less thing for you to take care of. 

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